Questions about Arpico mattresses

What are Arpico mattresses made from?

Arpico mattresses are made from internationally certified purely 100% natural latex, creating a mattress that promotes outstanding spinal support, joint cushioning and comfort.

Will there be that ‘new product’ smell?

There may be a slight ‘new product’ smell which will slowly disappear over a few days.  Rest assured there is nothing harmful in this smell and all Arpico bedding is manufactured to the highest of standards.  Being natural, latex has its own ‘scent’ as does wood or leather.

Is an Arpico mattress better than a traditional spring mattress?

We think so, for sure.  The three most important things you want in a mattress are comfort, support and durability.  When it comes to comfort Arpico mattresses contour to your body preventing pressure point build up which may be experienced with a traditional metal spring mattress.  Your Arpico mattress features full thickness construction meaning it can’t collapse and it can be flipped and head to tailed effectively doubling its life.  With no springs to collapse or pockets of air to let you down your making a smart choice.

Do Arpico mattresses feel different to a traditional metal spring mattress?

They sure do.  It all comes down to the quality of the latex and how it feels when you lie down on a mattress.  Arpico mattress are available in different densities, all which mould completely to your body for full support.

Do Arpico mattresses lose their shape?

Arpico mattresses are made from highly durable natural latex.  Over time your Arpico mattress may “impress” slightly however this is not a sag and is a normal feature as the mattress adapts to your body’s shape.  It enhances the feel and comfort experience.

 How long do the mattresses last?

You can expect 10 or more years – often longer.  It really does depend on how the mattress is treated.  Remember to turn and rotate and always use a mattress protector.

Can I recycle my mattress?

Yes, you can.  Your mattress is biodegradable and can be recycled or added to landfill degrading over time as a natural product.

Tell me about the environmental policy

Arpico’s entire design process considers environmental factors including harvesting of the latex from sustainable plantations – grown as a renewable resource, hiring locals, funding communities and using recycled water during production.  All latex is certified to international standards for durability and quality by the prestigious institutes of ECO and LGA.

What sizes do Arpico mattresses come in?

Half queen – 76cm x 200cm

Single – 91cm x 188cm

Half king – 91cm x 200cm

King single – 108cm x 200cm

Double – 138cm x 188cm

Queen – 152cm x 200cm

King – 183cm x 200cm

Do you customise?

Yes, generally we can.

Find out more about our latex mattress range click here

To see how natural latex is processed click here


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