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Latex Foam Bedding & Accessories for Boats and Caravans

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Experience the benefits of our luxurious latex foam bedding, with new ‘cool touch’ technology.

Why wait, when you can instantly transform your existing boat or caravan mattress with one of our exceptionally comfortable and supportive latex foam mattresses or latex foam mattress toppers (Mattress Overlays).

With 100% Latex Foam there are no springs, no wool, no lumps, and no bumps! Enjoy years of noise free deep restful sleep.

Our clients usually purchase because their standard (PU FOAM and CHEAP SPRINGS) caravan mattress is either way too hard or looks like a breeding ground for bugs and insects.

Before repeating history and heading down to the caravan shop for another hard mattress, we sincerely ask you to try our latex bedding. You will instantly feel the difference.

Come in and find out why our clients love our mattresses and toppers.

100% Latex Mattresses for Caravans


Benefits of using our latex mattresses

  • Exceptional comfort for rejuvenating deep restful sleep
  • Eases joint pain with firm sumptuous support
  • Sag resistant
  • Maintains shape for years
  • Choice of densities for every need
  • Minimises partner disturbance
  • Guaranteed premium quality

Features of our latex mattresses

  •  20 cm full thickness – no ‘filler’ foams are used
  • Choose from soft, medium, firm or extra firm
  • Premium low profile outer cover for a cool sleeping environment
  • 100% cotton inner cover for healthy sleeping environment
  • Shaped to size
  • Choice of single to king size
  • 10 year guarantee

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We can provide mattresses of all sizes. All mattresses can be ‘shaped to size’ and corners can be rounded to size.

Please note : To reduce the cost we will provide your mattresses with the tightest fitting cover as possible. Mattress covers can be stitched or folded by you as required.

Exceptionally Comfortable Latex Bedding

Our product is tested for durability and quality – meeting and beating accepted international standards

Standard Measurements

Single91 x 188cm3' x 6'2"
Extra Long Single91 x 200cm3' x 6'8"
King Single108 x 200cm3'6" x 6'8"
Double138 x 188cm4'6" x 6'2"
Queen150 x 200cm5' x 6'8"
King183 x 200cm6' x 6'8"

Boat and Caravan Mattress Toppers Can Be Shaped to Size


Latex Mattress Toppers (Overlays)

Commonly known as a mattress topper, mattress overlay or mattress pad; these exceptionally comfortable foam toppers provide a cost effective option for those who don’t spend enough time in their boat or caravan to justify buying a new mattress yet can’t stand the thought of trying to sleep on their hard mattress again.

Also a fantastic solution if weight is a major issue in your caravan or boat. Not to be confused with lesser quality foam, these toppers have to be experienced to appreciate just how good they really are.


  • Instant relief of back, hip and shoulder pain
  • Cleaner, healthier sleeping environment
  • Cooler sleeping platform
  • Instantly softens hard mattresses
  • Rejuvenates tired mattresses
  • Supports and protects aching joints
  • Improves circulation and reduces pressure points
  • Enhances the spines natural curves
  • Dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic
  • Highly durable, lasting years


  • 5cm thickness
  • Medium density latex for perfect comfort, cushioning & support
  • 100% cotton cover for a healthier, cooler sleeping environment
  • Shaped to size for your needs
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Specifically chosen densities for added comfort and the right amount of support
  • Eco – sensitive manufacture and design, featuring ‘pin hole’ technology for an improved night’s sleep
  • Sag resistant
  • Free from volatile fire retardants and chemicals that are found in most polyurethane bedding (naturally flame resistant)

We can provide mattress toppers of all sizes. All mattress toppers can be ‘shaped to size’ and corners can be rounded to size.

SAVE $39 – FREE mattress topper (mattress overlay) shaping when you mention seeing  us online.  Phone us on 1300 349 771 or email us at for prices.

Please note : To reduce the cost we will provide your mattresses topper with the tightest fitting cover as possible. Mattress topper covers can be stitched or folded by you as required. All toppers are delivered in their original covers.

Q: Is it thick enough to work?
Compared to regular polyurethane foams Latex is about 3 times more resistant to compression & flattening compared to regular polyurethane foams. As a result 5cm is plenty thick enough to supply the support and softening you’ve been looking for.

All toppers are covered in 100% cotton covers for a cooler, healthier sleeping environment.

“We look forward to meeting your needs”

“Ask for a better price on a pillow when you purchase a mattress or overlay.”

Latex Pillows

Customise Your Latex Mattress

  • Yes we can!!
  • We specialise in cutting to size for caravans. Using a variety of densities and thicknesses of either 15cm or 20cm you can select from a variety of finishes, from raw through to a plush 200gm Bamboo quilted cover. Get our professional advice and make the right choice when it comes to meeting your particular needs.

Orders & Enquiries

We supply Australia wide. Whether you are in Bunbury, Geraldton, Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne we can help.

Thanks particularly to the Gold Coast and Sydney for your support and thank you for your referrals.

Phone: 1300 349 771



  • Caravan double and queen mattress sizes may not be the same dimensions as your mattress at home. Always measure your existing mattress and/or the internal dimensions of the space your mattress sits in. We will help you with the rest.
  • If you live in your caravan or travel for long periods , give one of our mattresses serious consideration.
  • Consider using your toppers on your home mattress & ‘value add’ to your purchase.