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No springs, no lumps, no bumps – purely Natural Latex mattresses.

NATURES GIFT – Soothe away joint pain and muscle soreness while protecting your body while you sleep.

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  • Certified 100% Natural Latex Mattresses – The world standard for quality & durability in natural, certified latex mattresses
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When we started all those years ago we decided we wanted to specialise, be relevant and unique, to stand apart and  to make a difference in people’s lives. We operate out of 3 stores- Myaree, Cannington & Osborne Park – offering excellent advice & service, and the widest range of latex foam mattresses, mattress toppers (Mattress Overlays) and latex foam pillows. Let us help find the best bed and mattress in Perth for you and your unique posture and sleeping requirements. So, if you have any questions or queries about mattresses in Perth, come talk to the experts or call 1300 349 771 and rest easy knowing we’re getting you one step closer to the best sleep you’ve ever had!

We attribute our continued growth in this highly competitive market to the fact that it’s difficult for our competitors to compete with our range of brands, selected mattress construction, wide choice of densities and pricing.


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Our Specifically Chosen & Designed Latex Mattresses Incorporate These Special Features

  • Natural cotton internal cover promoting a cooler sleeping environment and longer life
  • Latex mattresses (Arpico) are reversible meaning you can turn them over and effectively double the life of your mattress
  • A purpose made low profile cover for an improved sleeping environment
  • ‘Cool Touch’ designed with air vents for a cooler sleep
  • Most of our mattresses have removable covers for dry cleaning or replacing allowing you to sleep on a clean, healthy mattress, not having to share your bed with years of exposure to dust, pollen and bugs


  • Full thickness latex construction
  • 20cm deep mattress
  • Shaped to size
  • Choose from soft, medium, firm or extra firm densities
  • Natural cotton inner cover for better ventilation
  • Premium removable low profile outer cover
  • Choice of single to king size
  • Guaranteed Premium Quality
  • Choice of densities for every need
  • Purely 100% natural latex throughout with no artificial fillers

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  • Maintains shape for years
  • Minimises partner disturbance
  • Hypo-allergenic & dust mite intolerance
  • Eases joint pain with firm sumptuous support
  • Sag resistant
  • Exceptional comfort for rejuvenating deep restful sleep





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Partner Friendly Mattresses – say goodbye to partner disturbance…

young couple spooningPartners don’t always match in shape and size. Our area of expertise is in supplying the best mattress to meet both your needs. When purchasing a King or Queen mattress from us you have the option of choosing different densities for individual partner comfort satisfaction. Now you and your partner can sleep on the surface that best meets your needs. For example – one side firm the other side medium… And NO you don’t feel the join and yes partner disturbance through the mattress is virtually eliminated. Eliminate bed time arguments and restless nights with our fully customizable king and queen latex mattress options. Let us solve your sleepless nights and simultaneously increase your day time productivity. The solution may be something as simple as an accessory to add to your existing structure, such as a latex mattress topper for queen or king sized beds. Our professional and attentive staff are skilled at making sure we meet your needs.

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Our mattresses

Our 20cm latex mattresses, like all other 20cm premium natural latex mattresses on the market, comprise a 15cm block bonded with a 5cm block.  This is to ensure that the latex density is consistent throughout and is considered a standard in the latex bedding industry.

The healthy choice

Our bedding doesn’t require chemical additives such as fire retardants so you can sleep soundly knowing you’re not being potentially off-gassed during the night. We do not use wool quilting and will not. We sell latex and do not understand why companies cover the material your purchasing with layers that may be home to mites and bed bugs. The comfort of a purely latex mattress should be achieved through choosing the correct density of latex, and not covering it with other materials such as polyester fillers and cheaper P.U. foams that breakdown, sag and create foam dust.

Choose one of our latex mattresses and relax knowing
your mattress cover can be removed and dry cleaned.
You can now sleep on a clean, healthy surface.


Keep in mind your body probably needs a firm mattress NOT a Hard mattress

If you are used to a firm mattress, or weigh around 90 to 95KG – Our D80 Firm density is most likely the density to choose.

We carry extra firm mattresses for those who know they like a harder style of mattress. Also a good choice for those sleepers over 130KG. Consider a cushion mattress topper with this choice to help with circulation and pressure relief on the joints. You will still have the extra firmness with an added comfort layer. Ask for our D90.

For the elderly, children or those who are used to a mattress with more comfort and less support, consider our medium density D70.

In the King and Queen size we can provide you with a different densities on either side of the bed. This option allows for personalised comfort and individual comfort satisfaction

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