Healthy natural sleeping with Getha

If you are looking for the ultimate healthy natural sleeping environment take a look at the The Togetha 100 mattress by Getha.

Purely natural latex is encased in a fabric combination of organic cotton and bamboo for a cooler and healthier night’s sleep.  This combined with charcoal and nano-silver embedded into the fabric eliminates the presence of bacterial and fungal spores, commonly found in inferior foam based mattresses.

Opulently designed to the highest standard, this mattress is for the discerning – those looking for the ultimate healthy natural sleeping environment.

After four decades of continuous innovation, Getha is proud to introduce its Togetha series of eco-friendly natural latex mattresses.  Getha’s newest flagship range combines state of the art technology with precious natural renewable resources for a healthier, more comfortable sleeping solution.  Getha’s products are now Oeko-Tex certified in Switzerland, which certifies products meeting it exacting standards of purity and superior quality.

Oeko-Tex means clean and safe.  Products that are Oeko-Tex certified contain no harmful chemicals such as fire retardants or anti-fungal chemical treatments

The name ‘Getha’ originates from the Malaysian native word for rubber ie ‘getah’.  This name is symbolic and holds true to its identity proudly in the use of 100% natural Malaysian rubber latex. Getha delivers to its customer’s luxury and comfort as well as innovative products in a reliable and professional manner across the globe.  The logo and brand name is derived from the concept of living together, with the leaf signifying its green natural origins and the two water droplets essential to all living things.

Getha is a Malaysian Brand, Made in Malaysia for the World.

Getha’s vision is to create an international brand based on products of exceptional quality and a strong management system.  As consumers become more conscious of environmental and health issues, the need for products made from natural resources has been strengthened.

Awarded with The Brand of The Year during the World Branding Awards for three consecutive years, Getha is widely received in the international market as the design of its products are contemporary and stylish and the quality conforms to international specifications and tests.  It has received accreditations from ECO Umweltinstitute, Germany, Oeko Tex, Switzerland and the world-renowned Malaysia Rubber Board.  Continuous research and development has been the key to the growth and success of the brand.

As the materials used in the bedding products are from nature, Getha is conscious of the need to protect the environment for the brands future growth.  It promotes best manufacturing practices to ensure that the environment is maintained and complies with all the regulations set forth by the authorities.

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