Possibly the world’s and Australia’s best pillow range.

These natural latex pillows maintain their shape for years – Extraordinary quality – Amazing Value.

Lady With best pillows australiaWe have sourced a range of the world’s best natural latex pillows. Benefit and choose from the biggest choice of latex foam pillows in Australia. Experience an exceptional level of comfort and sumptuous support that will help you experience deep restful sleep and less neck pain and stiffness.

If you are having trouble sleeping, suffer from neck and shoulder pain, headaches or migraines you can now have a better pillow that suits you perfectly and meets your needs. Our pillows help with reducing pressure on the neck and improving circulation.

With a vast array of sizes & shapes of latex foam pillows; we have the right pillow for you. There is never a perfect pillow however our range comes as close as you get.

Choose from pillows for support, a soft pillow for extra comfort or a thin, soft contour pillow if you are elderly. Our pillows are chosen for children and by adults as well as being used in retirement villages and aged care facilities. Doctors, Chiropractors & Physiotherapists both recommend and choose our latex pillows because they can help reduce neck pain, head and shoulder pain whilst also being a healthy choice because our pillows are dust mite intolerant and hypo-allergenic.

With the biggest choice of latex pillows in Australia, enjoy luxurious comfort, sumptuous support and a better night’s sleep. If you snore or suffer from sleep apnoea we can help with an anti-snore pillow.

Contour style pillows are the most popular pillow. Various heights and contours available.


We deliver Australia wide including, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, Melbourne & Sydney. All pillows are of premium quality, guaranteed and certified to International standards as set by ECO & LGA.



  • Hypo allergenic and dust mite resistant
  • Removable & washable covers
  • Maintains shape
  • 100% Latex
  • Easy to Clean
  • Premium brand
  • Naturally long lasting
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Promotes circulation
  • Relieves neck and shoulder pain
  • Cushions and protects the neck
  • Eases pressure on the joints
  • Assorted sizes, densities and shapes for all needs

Supportive yet sumptuously soft and extraordinarily comfortable.

Come in and see the widest range of latex foam pillows in Perth. You can try them out in store before you buy! We have pillows for infants, children and adults.

If you have a specific need we can help.

We stock pillows of various shapes and thickness’s for outstanding head, neck and shoulder support.

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