The Best Pillows in Australia.

Selecting a pillow is a very personal choice and no one pillow suits everyone.

There is no doubt about it, not having the right pillow can ruin a good nights sleep, lead to snoring, affect your breathing (and your health), give you a sore neck, increase shoulder tension and yes, even hurt your ear!  The bad news is that you can’t ‘fix ’a bad pillow however, the good news is that with one of Australia’s widest ranges of 100% purely natural latex and new generation memory foam pillows we can hopefully have you feeling and sleeping better in no-time.

Do we have the best pillows in Australia? We think so.

Are they the prettiest looking – not necessarily, however each pillow has been selected for the benefits it can provide you, the user.

We recognize that selecting a pillow is a very personal decision.

When you scroll through you will find styles of pillows including the therapeutic pillows, traditionally shaped pillows, contoured pillows, bowtie pillows and more.

If you are simply having trouble sleeping or if you are getting treatment for neck pain or shoulder pain, the right pillow is essential, as is the right pillow for headaches or migraines.  Should you suffer with sleep aponea or using a CPAP machine, we have a pillow for you to.

With a vast array of sizes & shapes, we have the pillow you need.

“The staff were friendly and accommodating, helping me find the perfect pillow for me. The pillow I purchased is also extremely comfortable.”

Our pillows represent great value.  We don’t and won’t sell low quality product at ‘cheap’ prices that loose shape or get hard and crumble when you leave the shop.  Your new pillow is an investment in helping you feel good and wake refreshed.

Memory Foam Pillows

Natural Latex Pillows

Choosing a Pillow

As a guideline, choosing the right pillow is a decision based on a balance between the right combination of support and comfort. Generally, a traditional style pillow is a good all-rounder – a ‘safe’ choice for many.  Whether a side, back or stomach sleeper, a traditionally shaped pillow works for most. A higher pillow will generally be firmer offering more support.  The perfect choice for many, yet not advised for children, or small framed individuals. A low pillow is often a more comfortable softer option and a better choice for children, the elderly and smaller framed individuals.

Contour pillows can be used as a special pillow for neck pain and are popular amongst chiropractic and physio patients and those aware of their neck alignment and need for corrective support.  A good choice for back and side sleepers, however not the best choice for stomach sleepers. Bowtie pillows are of a lower profile than most and great for children, the elderly, small framed individuals and back, stomach and side sleepers. Aponea pillows are the pillow of choice for those using CPAP machines or suffer sleep aponea.  NOT good looking, however effective for most.

Feather & Down pillows are for those who look for luxurious cloud like comfort when support is not a priority.

Choosing a latex pillow is predominantly about ‘the feel’ and where it is important to be sleeping on a natural product.  Latex provides a ‘push back’ feel, similar to the feeling of resting one’s hands on a sponge.  Our certified latex pillows maintain their shape for years, are natural, hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant and environmentally friendly.

Memory Foam pillows have more of a ‘sink in feel’.  Like ‘floating in a salt bath’ as one client put it. Once again, our pillows are hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant and like latex, they return to their original shape time after time. So, which do you choose? – It’s all “in the feel” and if being natural is important, latex is the way to go.  If heat is a possible issue we find the memory foam to be a better option.      

Following years of experience in the bedding industry we have listened to our clients needs and have sourced a range of some of the world’s best pillows from some of the world’s leading producers.  You can now benefit from the biggest choice of natural latex foam and memory foam pillows in Australia.

If you are having trouble sleeping, suffer from neck or shoulder pain, headaches or migraines the right pillow is essential.

How good are our pillows?

We have Doctors, Chiros, Physios and Occupational Therapists who recommend our pillows as they have found that the right pillow can help reduce neck pain, head and shoulder pain and snoring by keeping the neck (and throat) in better alignment.  Although no pillow is a treatment as such, the ‘wrong’ pillow can most certainly lead to painful, sleep deprived mornings and contributes to a future of neck and shoulder problems that could well be avoided.

Our pillow range can be checked out ‘instore’ where you can ‘try before you buy’.  We look forward to seeing you and helping you get the deeper, more restful sleep you are looking for.

We deliver Australia wide including Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, Melbourne & Sydney.

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