adjustable beds prices in perth waOur Background

We buy directly from the manufacturer with no middle man so you save.

The Back and Neck Bed Shop is a WA family owned company. When we started we made a decision to build quality into our bedding and offer the best value, rather than have bedding built to a price and forgo the quality.

We are here to meet needs and provide solutions.  Our quality range of adjustable beds answers the needs of those wanting more comfort and more than just another bed.

Here at The Back and Neck Bed Shop we provide arguably the best quality adjustable beds in Perth, WA. Our electronic adjustable beds are perfect for those who suffer from chronic back and neck pain, are recovering from illness or injury or simply want a better bed and a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Imagine being able to immediately control your environment with an effortless touch of a button! To be able to read or reduce your back pain by simply raising the back section to the angle you require. For improved circulation, with another touch of a button you can create the perfect position to relieve pressure on joints or to simply experience the best night’s sleep

Now You Can

  • Achieve a level of comfort you cannot experience in a standard flat bed
  • Enjoy a better, more comfortable nights’ sleep
  • Sit upright in bed to watch TV, read a book or use your iPad in bed
  • Not be disturbed by your partners’ movements in bed
  • Choose between wired or wireless remotes
  • Have safety battery backup as standard
  • Improve circulation, reduce muscle tension with advanced timed massage function
  • Protect sore joints and aching muscles
  • Position your bed so your can breathe easier and snore less
  • Recover from illness and injury with less pain and more comfort
  • Feel revitalised, getting out of bed with more energy ready to take on another busy day

Medically proven to be a significant benefit for the following:

  • Asthma
  • Back pain
  • Acid reflux / gastric reflux
  • Fluid retention / swollen legs
  • Emphysema
  • Blood pressure problems
  • Sleep apnoea
  • Painful joint pressure
  • Snoring
  • Whiplash and neck pain
  • Painful arthritis
  • Injuries or medical conditions affecting your legs, hips and lower back
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When you choose one of our latex mattresses you can relax knowing you have made a healthy choice

as your mattress cover can be removed and dry cleaned.



The Back and Neck Bed Shop, as a responsible retailer will only source quality electronic adjustable beds, with our prices reflecting true value. All electronic adjustable beds are covered by a full warranty meaning you can rightfully expect years of reliable usage. All beds are sold with our best pressure relieving and luxuriously comfortable mattresses, conveniently stocked in our Myaree, Cannington & Osborne Park stores. You can rest easy when buying a bed from The Back and Neck Bed Shop and know that you’re purchasing one of the best electric beds in Australia!

We also stock a range of custom made adjustable bed mattress protectors  and adjustable bed fitted sheets for half king and half queen size mattresses that accommodate the moving function of electronic beds.


100% premium quality guaranteed

“I still smile when a client comes in and asks to look at an adjustable bed and I can say, ‘Yes you are standing next to one”

Tony Ivory - Director
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