Latex Mattresses in Brisbane

Latex Mattresses in Brisbane

The Back and Neck Bed Shop in Perth supplied Latex Mattresses in Brisbane for decades. Latex is derived by a wonderful natural milk/sap/fluid from the equatorial Hevea Brasillienis tree. The popularity of latex mattresses in Brisbane is due to The Back and Neck Bed Shop using Organic certified 100% Natural Latex, which is a renewable and sustainable natural resource.


The rare open cell structure of latex rubber makes it one of the worlds most popular bedding materials, maybe this is why The Back and Neck Bed Shops’ latex mattresses in Brisbane are so popular?


Being naturally dust-mite resistant, hypo-allergenic, toxin free, chemical free, having no wood frames, no springs, no lumps or bumps, no layer of foam, no synthetic covers and no fire retardants, we are finding that latex mattresses in Brisbane are becoming more and more popular; and when purchased from The Back and Neck Bed Shop; more and more affordable!!


As well as the above-mentioned health and structure features, latex mattresses are designed to provide luxuriously comfortable support as well as providing a high level of cushion on the joints – designed to keep your ‘spine in line’. If you notice the image below, latex is seen to provide a greater ‘surface connection’ with the bodies natural contours and curves, this increased surface area contact is providing greater support and a more comfortable sleep. The Back and Neck Bed Shop feel this is why latex mattresses in Brisbane are becoming even more popular.

Whereas the spring mattress does not – thus causing painful joint pressure as there is more weight on these points of the body.



The above image also reinforces why latex mattresses are very effective at reducing partner disturbance and movement in the bed.

As well as the previously mentioned features and benefits ALL latex mattresses are rigorously testes and certified to international recognized institutions. Our latex mattresses undergo quality control throughout the manufacturing process and prior to shipping – perhaps why our latex mattresses in Brisbane are becoming more and more popular.


All certifications are shown below as to why our latex mattresses in Brisbane are very popular.

This is content testing certificate for harmful substance mostly for human touching material to show safety. 100 Class 1 is the test criteria used for baby products. Certificate number 11-31475

Popular content analysis test for natural rubber carried out by ECO lab in Germany. This test shows detail continent analysis and natural vs SBR percentage in the product. According to test, you can see that we don’t have any SBR latex. All polymer used in the product is 100% natural. Certification number ID 0208-12826-001

This test evaluates the Durability and the resilience characteristics of Natural Latex. Our product has successfully passed the test and is certified. The test is conducted according to European standards in Germany. Certification number Q MBL N 9371927

This test evaluates the Antibacterial efficacy of Natural Latex. Our product has successfully passed the test and is certified. The test is conducted in USA at the ABC labs.

This test evaluates the Body interface pressure for Latex products. Our product has successfully passed the test and is certified. Conducted by the Twin city corporation USA.

Our 100% natural flame retardant products comply with SATRA requirements.


Global organic Latex Standards evaluate and control the organic latex production program established by RPNF. the Standard make sure the chain of custody process of using EU and USDA approved organic latex in the mattress as well as Social and Ethical production standards.


So the question has to be asked – why purchase your latex mattress in Brisbane from The Back and Neck Bed Shop in Perth?

Call us on 1300 349 771 and find out. For your latex mattresses in Brisbane you may be paying more than you need to.



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