Why Choose The Back and Neck Bed Shop?

It’s important to choose the bed shop you trust, which then makes it easier to choose the mattress you want.  With 30 years’ experience, we believe we have the knowledge and service you need to make the right choice.

Our mattresses range from cushioning and supportive styles with outstanding postural support through to plush styles that provide soothing relief for painful joints and aching muscles.

    “I no longer wake up with shoulder pain. I roll over, no pain. Comfortable all over. Great mattress, at great price.”

Buying a mattress no longer needs to be a frustrating and confusing experience.  We invite you to come and literally feel the difference.

When choosing us you can safely rely on:

  • Certified quality – Our entire range is certified to internationally recognised standards including ECO institute, LGA, Certi-PUR, Certi-PUR-US and Confidence in Textiles.
  • Purely 100% Natural Latex and Memory Foam bedding selected from the worlds’ leading, most reputable manufacturers.
  • Australia’s widest choice of 100% natural latex mattresses, available in various densities.
  • Arguably the most comfortable and best valued new generation memory foam mattresses in the market.
  • A range of quality sturdy euro-style adjustable beds which are stylish, durable, reliable and safe.
  • Australia’s widest range of therapeutic latex and memory foam pillows, including traditional, contour and Bow-Tie styles.
  • Exceptional service.
  • Value – We are all about value – You may find cheaper but you won’t find better.
  • Transparency – straight up honest advice.
  • Internationally recognised quality.


  • Click Here to learn more on how our purely latex is processed.
  • Click Here for quality assurance information on our purely latex bedding range.

Further Information about us

We are Australian Owned

 Being an Australian owned company with 30 years’ experience we know the importance of taking pride in who we are and what we do.  We know how important it is for you to get the right advice.

We are Environmentally Aware

  • We choose to only deal with companies that comply with best practices (recycling of waste water etc.)
  • Modern production facilities which leave a low carbon footprint
  • Employ staff, often in disadvantaged areas, paying fairly and lifting the quality of life of those in the area.
  • Sustainability – plantations that return oxygen to the environment

Expect Exceptional Comfort & Why It Is Important to Your Health

Pressure imparted on a conventional spring sleep system

Typical pressure distribution on a spring mattress

Pressure imparted on a typical latex system

Typical pressure distribution on a latex system

The above chart demonstrates why our luxurious purely latex and memory foam mattresses give you a better nights sleep!

The more comfortable you are (when there is a reduction of pressure on your hips and shoulders), the less you need to toss and turn as a way to restore your circulation. The less your sleep is disrupted the deeper you sleep, allowing you to wake up refreshed and revitalised in the morning.

We are Experienced & Efficient

As mentioned, we are an Australian owned and operated business.  Our ‘job’ is to introduce you to the best bed to meet your needs. Since 1981, we have been selecting the best beds and the best bedding material for people who expect more out of their mattress.  Our consultants are a team of professionals with years of experience, having been with us for years (yes years) and have the product knowledge and experience you want to help you make the right choice.

More choice – Customize your mattress

Most of our mattresses in King and Queen size can be customised with ‘dual core’ or ‘dual pad’ mattresses (Separate mattresses in separate or one mattress cover).

From now on you can both choose your own density to best suit your individual needs, for instance, medium one side and firm on the other side.

We are truly passionate about the quality of our product. We believe our bedding answers the needs for those seeking premium quality mattresses designed to provide an outstanding level of luxurious comfort and sumptuously cushioning full body support.

Home of World leading brands

Finally, a bit about us

 The journey started in 1981.  Firstly, with pillows, then mattress toppers (mattress overlays), then mattresses, then adjustable beds.  With a health care background, hence we are The Back and Neck Bed Shop, we wanted to provide the best bedding for backs and necks.

Back then, the answer was natural latex, a legendary bedding material.

Now we have added a new generation memory foam – the type that doesn’t require body heat to activate – meaning essentially, it’s a cooler type of material.  Both products are outstanding for providing extraordinary comfort, cushioning, durability and postural support.

We are very proud of our heritage as an Australian owned company.  We knew we were doing our job when a client came in many years ago and said, “my friend bought from you and I must have what she’s got, she loves it.”  We believe we have “must have” mattresses.  Mattresses that provide an experience, an asset to your life, making a difference to how you feel during the day and how you sleep during the night.

We look forward to helping you choose the right mattress and as they say, “choose your retailer before you choose your bed” and “what’s a cheap decision today can work our expensively tomorrow”.