Why Choose The Back and Neck Bed Shop?

As soon as you enter our stores it’s evident that we are a different kind of bed shop.

Each mattress on display has literally been chosen by us to specifically meet the needs of our discerning customers.

Whether you’re searching for a cushioning, supportive mattress for the postural support you need or a plush style for cloud like comfort and instant relief from pressure on painful joints and aching muscles, our store has what you want.

We invite you to come and literally feel the difference.  Mattress buying no longer needs to be a frustrating, confusing experience.


  • We pride ourselves on the quality of our Purely Latex Bedding.
  • Click Here to learn more on how our purely latex is processed.
  • Click Here for quality assurance information on our purely latex bedding range.


No mist, no magic and no optional extras (which are usually necessities).

Included in all pricing is;

  • 100% internal cotton covers on all mattresses
  • Premium environmentally friendly ‘Cool Touch’ covers on all mattresses
  • All brackets and types of bed footings on the bases are included in our pricing
  • Our Electronic Adjustable Bed prices include our top of the range 20cm 100% purely latex or luxurious memory foam mattresses

Exceptional Comfort

Pressure imparted on a conventional spring sleep system

Pressure imparted on a conventional spring sleep system

Pressure imparted on a typical latex system

Pressure imparted on a typical latex system

The above chart demonstrates why our luxurious purely latex and memory foam mattresses give you a better nights sleep!

The more comfortable you are with a reduction of pressure on your hips and shoulders,the less you need to toss and turn to restore your circulation. The less your sleep is disrupted the deeper you sleep, allowing you to wake up refreshed and revitalised in the morning.

Experience & Efficiency

We are a West Australian owned and operated family business helping you find the best bed for your needs and since 1981 has been involved in selecting the right bed and the right bedding material for people who expect more out of their mattress. The rest of The Back and Neck Bed Shop team have been here for years (yes years) and have the product knowledge and experience that you want.

When you buy from The Back and Neck Bed Shop expect:

  • A 10 year guarantee on our mattresses
  • Certified quality: our bedding has been carefully selected to meet your needs
  • Value: compare our no frills pricing and excellent quality and save $$$’s. We won’t be beaten!
  • Environmentally friendly 100% natural latex
  • Advice – our staff are highly trained to provide the best advice to help you make the right choice
  • Design – our innovative designs means you can DIY & customise as your needs require
  • A mattress selection second to none
  • A choice of soft, medium, medium firm, firm, extra firm or XX Firm
  • Removable and cleanable premium mattress covers
  • Value – We deal directly with our mattress and adjustable bed manufacturers which saves you money

You no longer have to compromise!
King and Queen Mattresses can be customised with our ‘dual core’ mattresses.
From now on you can choose the density which best suits you and your partner.
E.g. Soft one side and Medium on the other side.

We are truly passionate about the quality of our product. We believe our bedding answers the needs for those seeking premium quality bedding designed to provide an outstanding level of luxurious comfort and sumptuously cushioned full body support. All at better prices.