10 reasons for choosing a Natural Latex Mattress

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10 reasons for choosing a 100% Natural Latex mattress

01 Natural Elasticity*

Thanks to natural latex’s unequalled elasticity, latex bedding provides unequalled comfort, supporting the sleepers every movement.  Latex’s excellent point elasticity ensures the beds adapt perfectly to the sleeper’s body contours, ensuring the correct position of the spinal column in every sleeping position.

* the ability of an object or material to resume its normal shape after being stretched or compressed.  The ability to change and adapt.

02 Perfect Body Support

Latex’s excellent natural elasticity promotes evenly balanced pressure distribution for optimal body support, better circulation and relief from and prevention of pain and stiffness.

03 Better Air Circulation and Moisture Regulation

Latex foam has an open cell structure made up of millions of tiny interconnecting microscopic air bubbles, creating a huge surface area.  This feature, along with hundreds of inbuilt air vents and natural fabric mattress covers, helps remove stale air and moisture build up, creating a cooler, healthier sleeping environment.

04 Durability

The Dynamic Fatigue Test (EN 1957) checks a mattresses durability and simulates the accelerated load exerted on a mattress core throughout its life cycle (approx. 10 years).  Tests carried out by the LGA Mobelprufinstitut (DE) demonstrates that a Latex mattress loses only a minimum amount of their original height and hardness.  This high resistance against lumpiness and ageing makes them much longer lasting than a regular spring based mattress.

05 Use of Natural Latex

Natural latex, the juice of the tropical rubber tree (Hevea Brasiliensis), is a natural and inexhaustible raw material.  Rubber trees neutralize over 90 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year.  A forest of rubber trees has the same air purifying characteristics as a tropical rain forest.

06 Quality Guaranteed

Our Latex mattresses are of exceptional high quality, as proven by the LGA, Oko-Tex Standard 100, and Eurolatex Eco standard labels.  Their entire range complies with all the conditions required to receive the EU eco-label (2002/740/EU).

07 Mould-Resistant, Hypo-allergenic and Hygienic

Tests by the “Morton Thiokol Research and Development Institute” in Massachusetts USA, have shown that latex foam products are hypoallergenic, being resistant to mould and mildew.  In addition, recent studies by Centexbel, the Belgian Textile Research Centre, have demonstrated how latex is also resistant to dust mites, making a latex bed the perfect choice for asthmatics, those with breathing disorders and allergy sufferers.

08 Noiseless

Simply, when sleeping on a latex bed there are no springs and no noise!

09 Constant Quality Monitoring

Continual quality checks of all relevant parameters during every step of the manufacturing process, guarantees the highest quality of product.

10 Warranty

Every Latex mattress purchased from The Back and Neck Bed Company comes with a 10 year warranty for peace of mind.

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