TroubleShooting Adjustable Bedding Systems

  1. helpIs the power on in your house?
    1. Check other appliances in your room
  2. Is the bed plugged into the wall?
    1. Both halves of a dual setup must be receiving power
  3. Is the Transformer (power box) showing a green light?
    1. This indicates the bed is receiving power.
    2. Has the power gone off?
    3. Is the power switched on at the outlet?
  4. If a synchronised bed, are both halves level
    1. This can cause one half to not work.
  5. Is there any loose cords not plugged in?
    1. Each cord has a purpose, therefore must fit into the base.
  6. Does the remote illuminate?
    1. If it does not, replace existing batteries (3x AAA).
    2. If it does illuminate but the bed does not move, plug an appliance that does work to test the outlet.
  7. The massage has stopped working?
    1. Is it plugged in?
  8. If you have a dual bed & one remote’s not working.
    1. Step 1: Turn bed base off at outlet. Remove batteries from remote
    2. Step 2: Turn bed back on, put new batteries into remote
    3. Step 3: Press sync button on the underside of control box until green light flashes, as this happens, hold the head up and foot up buttons until also begins to flash.
    4. Both should stop flashing simultaneously & synchronisation will be complete.
      1. * Should this not resolve the issue?
    5. Return to step 1 with other bed base remote.
      1. * Should this not work call 1300 349 771
  9. Is the base making Excessive noise?
    1. Make sure the base is not against a hollow surface, as this will cause the surface to resonate.
    2. Make sure all legs are tightened; if loose they may create noise.
      1. * Please note that normal operating noise does exist for adjustable beds.
  10. Adjustable base will not function following a power outage.
    1. Unplug base from outlet, wait 30 seconds, plug back into outlet.
    2. Check transformer for green light.
  11. Bed height is not level
    1. If bed has been dragged across floor, damage may have occurred to the legs, if this is the case and the legs cannot be firmly tightened, the legs will need to be replaced.
  12. Head section elevates, but will not return to a horizontal (FLAT) position.
    1. The base may be too close to the wall. If the base ‘catches’ on the wall as it is descending, the safety pressure system will stop the bed, preventing it from returning to the horizontal.
  13. What if I lose my remote?
    1. You can lower the bed to flat with a safety button on the control box.
    2. If your bed is part of a dual system, you are able to sync the other remote to this base (see number 8, step 3).
  14. If your mattress is not the same dimensions as the other mattress on a dual system?
    1. Throughout shipping, handling & warehouse storage, occasionally mattresses can become compressed. The mattress will relax & straighten out within 30 days of use.
  15. The memory functions set on the remote have been lost?
    1. If power has been cut from remote, for example, the batteries have gone flat, memory functions will need to be reset.
  16. Excessive Massage noise.
    1. If the base is located on a hard surface (timber, concrete etc.), place rubber/carpet under the legs.
    2. Ensure retainer bar is secured tightly. These can sometimes loosen up if you have placed an undue pressure on the bar.
    3. If the bed has been set up inside of a frame, make sure the base is not physically connected to the frame as the vibrations can transfer to the frame.
  17. What if the power is out and the bed is in an uncomfortable position?
    1. Inside the transformer there is a compartment, which allows for 2x 9Volt batteries. The batteries will provide the bed with enough power for the bed to be adjusted to a comfortable position.