Buying Tips For Mattresses from The Back and Neck Bed Shop

Test before you buy:
Lay down and try it. Your new bed needs to be just right for you, so a palm test or sitting on the edge will not be sufficient enough to judge this. Remember you don’t sleep on your fingers so don’t ‘try’ your mattress using your fingers.

Look for firm support for correct spinal alignment. (Look for a straight line down the spine when laying on your side and a natural curve when laying on your back). A mattress should mould to your body’s shape supporting your waist and lower back.

Choose a mattress that isn’t too soft or too hard for your individual needs – If you predominantly sleep on either your stomach, side or back you need the right choice. If a bed is too firm you will experience pressure points reducing blood circulation causing you to toss and turn, losing a good night’s sleep. Orthopaedic experts recommend go for a firm mattress but not so hard as to block off circulation or cause shoulder and hip pain.

A bed that is too soft will take effort to roll and move in, reducing the quality of your sleep. Your spine won’t be properly aligned creating tension in muscles.

Make sure the mattress is big enough for everyone sleeping on the bed. If you have room consider a King size. No noise or movement and plenty of room.

Choosing the latex mattress that is right for you:

Latex mattresses come in various densities based on the amount of latex per cubic square metre:

D60         60kg of latex per cubic square metre

D70         70kg of latex per cubic square metre

D80         80kg of latex per cubic square metre

D90         90kg of latex per cubic square metre

The amount of latex per cubic square metre will determine the feel of the mattress. The higher the density the firmer the feel of the mattress.

D60 (Soft) would be recommended for:

  • Elderly and lightly framed individuals
  • For children under 45kg
  • For a higher level of relief from pressure on the joints and aching muscles

D70 (Medium) would be recommended for:

  • For higher level of support and better relief from pressure on the back, hips and shoulders
  • For those up to 80kg or for those over 85kg that prefer a softer feel
  • For children maintaining correct spinal alignment while developing
  • For those with arthritis who need reduced pressure on sore joints and aching muscles

D80 (Firm) would be recommended for:

  • For those over 80 kg looking for the right balance of firm, full body support and cushioning comfort
  • For those with curvature of the spine
  • For those looking for a firm mattress, not a hard mattress
  • For older children or young adults needing better spinal support

D90 (Extra Firm) would be recommended for:

  • For those who know they like sleeping on a very firm mattress
  • For solid, heavy set individuals who need the extra firmness to support their body weight
  • For those who want a high level of full body support
  • For those who are generally back sleepers

Shared Decision:
Include your partner in the final decision to ensure you will both be comfortable and supported on the new bed.

Unique Customised Queen & King Mattress:
Try our mattresses for couples who need their own levels of support.  We have dual Queen and dual King mattresses where you and your partner can select  your own density. Example – one side of bed can be a Medium density and the other side can be a Firm density.