LatexCo of Belgium

The Back and Neck Bed Shop proudly announce that Europe’s foremost latexco logoLatex Bedding manufacture, world renowned LatexCo of Belgium, has chosen us to exclusively supply their exceptional retail range of bedding in Western Australia.

We are immensely humbled with us being recognised for being a major supplier of Latex Bedding both in Western Australia and Australia wide.

  • Europe’s finest
  • Experience the comfort, the quality
  • LatexCo bedding of Belgium

LatexCo prides itself in having a distinctly different business model to other suppliers of Latex Bedding around the world.

Unlike most producers that rely on a single region or plantation for their supply, LatexCo sources their Latex worldwide. This ensures LatexCo only ever accepts the best quality latex available and are not confines or limited to a single plantation or region which can be subject to changes in the weather which can result in changes in the quality of the latex produced by trees on the plantation/s.

Like wineries, some seasons are good, some not so good – by being able to blend only the best latex every year, LatexCo can control and guarantee their quality and doesn’t have to worry about a variation of quality from season to season. When you purchase LatexCo – you purchase Europe’s finest Latex Bedding – guaranteed.

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