Anti-Snoring Pillow & Sleep Apnoea Pillow

Breath easier with the specially designed EAZY breather pillow for sleep apnoea sufferers

Proven effective in improving breathing and reducing snoring while you sleep.

Used for Sleep Apnoea, CPAP safe and to reduce snoring, these luxurious super comfortable memory foam pillows are purpose-designed to encourage easier breathing and are specially scalloped to allow unobstructed airflow to your nose and mouth.

Looking for a better nights’ sleep and don’t use a CPAP mask?

Uniquely patented scalloping on both sides ensures the mouth and nose are kept free of obstruction for unrestricted air flow, encouraged better breathing and reduced snoring.

  • Encourages increased airflow so you may also use as a anti snore pillow
  • Encourages better neck alignment
  • Fits your pillow case
  • Suits back and side sleepers


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The sleep apnoea pillow accommodates either nasal or full face CPAP masks;

  • Pressure-diffusing memory foam alleviates mask and nozzle pressure to your face
  • Improves air hose, and airway alignment thus keeping mask in place
  • Anti-bacterial treated

Super soft luxury grade memory foam upper surface combined with premium grade foam base ensures an excellent combination for comfort, support and pressure dispersion.



Snoring and sleep apnoea – What is it?

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) involves partial or full blockage of your airway which causes muscle spasm in the throat when there is a lack of oxygen. Snoring is a major indicator that you may suffer OSA. If you do, you can experience disrupted sleep as you may continually wake from a deep sleep in order to resume breathing. The correct pillow can help!

What can make snoring & sleep apnoea worse?

  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Sleeping with the chin lowered to the chest or the neck tilted, blocking the airway from the mouth and nose to the tongue
  • Body weight
  • Large meals before sleep
  • Ageing

Is snoring & sleep apnoea dangerous?

  • The short answer is Yes!
  • Sufferers are often chronically tired, irritable and simply ‘not with it’. This can create interpersonal relationship issues, a lowering in productivity and possible danger in the workplace. There is mounting evidence that there is an increased risk of high blood pressure and the risk of a stroke. Add to the list irregular heartbeat, impotence and increased frequency of urination.

What are my options?

  • Surgery in some instances. This could involve the nasal passages and/or the soft palate
  • Procedures include ‘shrinking’ the back of the tongue with radio waves (not for the faint hearted) or removal of excess fat in the neck
  • Weight reduction
  • Reduce or stop smoking and drinking
  • A mandibular advancement device (MAD) while you sleep. Basically a mouthguard which pushes the jaw forward
  • The correct anti – snore pillow

“I couldn’t imagine how dramatic the results would be. Now, I fall asleep much quicker, no more pins and needles and my hands are warm each morning.”
Lois Pedersen

“I normally have severe pain in my neck especially when I first get up in the morning causing extremely painful headaches and migraines. This pillow has kept my neck in a suitable position, eliminating about 70-90% of my problems!”
Theresa Auletta

“I was nervous that it would not do it for me. But I was pleased by this product. The water inside it makes it a paradise to sleep on. And it literally stops pains in the neck and shoulder when you wake.”
Paul Olzak

Outstanding comfort and support all night long. Provides stable cervical support. Adapts to changing sleep positions.