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The exciting new Hi-Lo Rotation Bed to Chair is expertly engineered for those requiring a little extra assistance with their everyday living. The Hi-Lo Rotation Bed to Chair is designed to fit into your existing bedroom environment and is perfect for helping you move comfortably in and out of bed unassisted. The main bed mechanism rotates 90 degrees and travels from the bed position to an upright chair position, allowing you to move easily in and out of bed. This easy to use high technology system also allows you to adjust your sleep position to assist with higher levels of in bed comfort and creates a sleeping position that promotes a perfect rest and healthy living.

The Hi-Lo Rotation Bed to Chair restores the patients ability to get out of bed completely independently or with minimal support. The patient is able to take a more active part in their life and move more regularly again. 

The benefits of the special Hi-Lo Rotation Bed applies to all illnesses and handicaps where the patient does not have freedom of movement to stand up from a lying or sitting position with or without assistance, or where the patients mobilisation needs may physically overtax the carer’s own health.


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Areas of use

  • In home care
  • Rehabilitation institutes
  • Care home and homes for the elderly
  • Hospices

Rotation Bed features

  • Restores independence and confidence to the patient
  • Bed-to-chair function allows unassisted transfer to and from bed
  • 210cm x 90cm lying surface
  • Reduces the cost of care staff
  • Prevents occupational health issues for care staff and time taken off work for sickness
  • Fitted with a pressure relieving CoolBalance™ pressure point reliving mattress
  • Safe working load of 180kg
  • Headboard, Footboard & side rails in attractive beech timber finish
  • High quality German design and heavy duty motors


  • Electric Adjustable Rotation Bed Frame structure and surrounds – 10 years
  • ALL Motors – 10 years
  • Electrics (Remote Controls, Control Boxes) – 2 years

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