Trendelenburg Adjustable Bed

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The Lo Lo bed restores the patients ability to get out of bed completely or with minimal support. The patient is able to take a more active part in their life and move more regular again. The Lo Lo bed features Trendelenburg functions to assist with hypotensive issues and should be used with medical consultation.

The key benefits of the Lo Lo bed are, allowing the bed to be raised at the head whilst offering a flat sleeping surface, to aid people with breathing difficulties to have a comfortable nights sleep. The Lo Lo allows the foot end of the frame to be lowered whilst the head is raised, giving the user easier access to the bed, and less physical strain on the carers. This bed is ideal for wheelchair transitions as the base is lowest to the floor.

Lo Lo Benefits

  • Move in and out of bed with ease
  • Save your back with a Lo Lo bed
  • Adjustable level to assist care providers
  • Less stress on legs to get out of bed
  • Ultimate flexibility in sleeping positions
  • Relief from back pain
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  • Relieves pressure on muscles and joints

Lo Lo Features

  • Restores independence to the user and reduces strain on carers
  • 4 way adjustment for complete flexibility
  • Suits any adjustable bed mattress
  • Designed to look like an ordinary mattress and base whilst offering  features of a hospital bed
  • Whisper quite low voltage DC lift system, providing a smooth and efficient operation
  • Dimensions to the top of base
  • Up position is to 71cm
  • Down position is to 21cm

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