Smartflex Hi Lo Adjustable Bed

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The Back and Neck Bed Shop is the proud Western Australian Distributor.

The exciting new SmartFlex 3 adjustable bed is expertly engineered and offers a modern innovation with a touch of class. The SmartFlex 3  bed is designed to into your existing bedroom environment as it is perfect for just reading, positioning yourself to watch TV, working on your laptop or creating a sleeping position that promotes a perfect rest and healthy living. 

The SmartFlex technology allows the consumer to enjoy the benefits of independent head, foot and vertical lift movement which means that you can control the head and the foot of the bed independently to each other. Extra technology includes ‘Wall Align Technology’ feature and the important Zero-Gravity feature which replicates the position astronauts use during launches. This position is highly beneficial for optimal comfort as it distributes pressure evenly across the body and provides a feeling of weightlessness and calming throughout your body.

SmartFlex 3 Benefits

  • Stylish modern living design
  • Zero Gravity – no pressure on your body
  • Reintegrates tired muscles and jointsScreen Shot 2016-07-20 at 11.50.47 am
  • Wall Align Technology – space saving
  • Relief from back, neck and shoulder pain
  • Raise your head to improve breathing
  • Helps blood circulation with 3 speed massage unit
  • Hi-Lo Function for ease of access

SmartFlex 3 FeaturesScreen Shot 2016-07-20 at 10.59.51 am

  • Stylish modern design
  • King Single bed size
  • Zero Gravity feature
  • Wireless remote control with LED screen
  • Lockable castors or chrome legs available
  • 3 Speed dual zone massage unit
  • Battery Back
  • 180 kg lifting capacity
  • Rust proof and powder coated steel
  • Whisper quite low voltage lift system



If you are one of many people who do not look forward to sleep because you just cannot get comfortable in a traditional bed, then SmartFlex 3 is your answer. Built for individuals with mobility problems, the Hi Lo SmartFlex 3 includes your choice of a Memory Foam or 100% Natural Latex Mattress. At a touch of a button, the SmartFlex 3  is able to provide countless sleep positions. The SmartFlex 3 allows you to sleep in natural positions, following the normal curves of your body and supports your head, shoulders, upper and lower back. This advance German heavy duty lift system not only provides you with countless ranges of motions, but also allows the user to adjust the height of the sleep platform from 49cm to 84cm high! You can sleep soundly knowing the SmartFlex 3 has battery back ups and a sensor system that acts as an anti crush cut off.

The SmartFlex 3 Hi Lo electric adjustable bed is easy to control and allows you to position your upper and lower body in almost any position. Additionally the use of a 100% Latex Mattress or Visco-Elastic Memory Foam Mattress means the product is able to mould your body into any of these positions and help enhance your circulation.

The SmartFlex 3 includes a 10 year written warranty on Frame and Motors, 2 year guarantee on Transformer, Hand Controller and Control Box.

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Only available in our Osborne Park store located at 2 / 18 Hector Street West T: 08 9204 2045

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