Luxury Latex Mattress Topper by GETHÁ

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GETHÁ is a luxury brand of latex bedding known worldwide for manufacturing products of outstanding quality.

Their entire range of latex mattresses and mattress toppers are without peer, winning awards worldwide for their cutting-edge designs and level of appointment.

When lying on a GETHÁ mattress topper you are experiencing the best the latex bedding industry has to offer.

Our other brands of mattress toppers have the same quality of certified natural latex, though their finish is less plush, covered in a cotton cover.  The thickness of the latex used is the same though their appearance is very different.

Features of the GETHÁ mattress topper include:

The use of Transforme 360 pressure relief fabric, infused with a bamboo and charcoal yarn which:

  • Provides anti-static protection
  • Moisture absorbing properties for a healthier, cooler night’s sleep
  • Anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal protection
  • Corner straps to stop movement on the mattress
  • Certification by International Institutes LGA and ECO for both durability and purity.
  • ‘Confidence in Textiles’ certification

When you’re wanting extra cushioning on an existing mattress or looking to soften your mattress for a more comfortable night’s sleep you can’t go past a GETHÁ mattress topper.

Available in Queen and King size


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King, Queen

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