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Extra light and cuddly, the MLily Air Down Pillow is a blend of specially shaped memory foam that supports the head and neck while a traditional soft feather down cover creates a cloud like comfort surface as you sleep.

The MLily Air Down Pillow is made out of shredded memory foam with “ECO HEALTH” technology that makes the foam softer and lighter weight, but with the same support as traditional memory foam.  The feather-down filled cotton cover provides a soft sleep surface. It is an excellent all round pillow for back, side and front sleepers. Designed in a firmer density offering a high level of support. This traditionally styled pillow is soft to touch and gentle on the neck.




70cm x 40cm

Benefits & Features

  • The special design of ‘Eco Health’ foam in cross and square shapes ensures a gap between single foam cells for better air circulation
  • Pressure-relieving
  • Traditional shape to support all sleepers, perfectly supports the contours of your head, neck and shoulders, “Re-sets” itself as you change positions throughout the night
  • Suitable for all body sizes and weights
  • Retains the original shape after use


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