Latex Mattress Topper 5cm

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Use a 5cm latex mattress topper to transform your old, hard, uncomfortable mattress in just 60 seconds!

We have a range of 100% Natural latex mattress toppers and mattress overlays that sit on top of your existing bed and will immediately soften a hard mattress for a better night’s sleep and will relieve back, hip and shoulder pain caused by pressure on joints – in just 60 seconds!

“The perfect solution for significantly softening your existing firm or uncomfortable mattress, and reducing pressure on painful joints and aching muscles – Founder Anthony Ivory BSc, D.C USA”

You can now instantly transform the whole feel of your existing mattress at a FRACTION OF THE PRICE of buying a new mattress.

With one of our medium density latex mattress toppers / overlays you can;

 Soften your hard mattress

 Markedly reduce tossing and turning due to a previous uncomfortable or lumpy  mattress

 Relive joint pain and muscle soreness

 Reduce painful joints and improve your circulation

 Provide a new clean layer on to your old mattress

 Enjoy incredibly comfortable full body cushioning and support

 Enjoy total change to the entire feel of your mattress

 Delay the expense of a brand new mattress

 Ease your back, hip and shoulder pain in bed


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