Compass Mattress by GETHÁ King

$6,899.00 $4,173.00


NEW from GETHÁ – The First BIOCARE RADIATION PROTECTION Mattress made in Malaysia – The GETHÁ Compass Luxury mattress.

Getha’s latest innovation – The GETHÁ COMPASS Luxury series is the FIRST in Malaysia to provide a solution to Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) pollution.  Click here for video from GETHÁ explaining about EMF and how it can affect your sleep.

Scientific evidence has shown that EMF radiation affects sleep negatively, long periods of exposure to EMF radiation can be dangerous to our health as it threatens our immune system, leading to health problems.

EMF are present everywhere in the environment but are invisible to the human eyes. The body has an inbuilt immune system from light EMF exposure, however, when we are asleep, we are terribly vulnerable to EMF pollution. As the body rests, a biological regeneration process takes place and this process can be disrupted by EMF radiation which in turn limits the human DNA regeneration capacity.

Most people do not realise that their choice of mattress directly impacts their health and safety. As we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping on a mattress, it is vital that we make the right choice and protect our safety and health during sleep.


Getha’s COMPASS Luxury Biocare electromagnetic shield brings to you a magnetic barrier with nano technologic yarns against electromagnetic radiation for a healthier quality sleep. Our daily living conditions constantly exposes us to electronic devices and therefore we are more in contact with electromagnetic waves’ harmful effects.

  • A revolutionary solution targeted for wellness and quality of life
  • Helps to protect body from radiation during sleep
  • Helps to prevent stress by reducing static electricity
  • Helps to regulate the body’s bio-rhythm
  • Helps to promote excellent quality of sleep
  • Helps to prevents diseases and odour caused by bacteria with antibacterial feature


Non-ionized radiation is a threat to our sleep environment as it attacks and weakens our cells while we sleep. The Biocare Technology is exclusive to Getha and features Nano Technological Yarn fabric that acts as a magnetic barrier against EMF radiation. The Biocare Sleep System prevents electromagnetic energy flowing through the mattress and into our bodies and it is the first in Malaysia to provide a solution to the EMF threat. It brings not only healthy and comfortable but also refreshing sleep.

King Size Mattress measures 183 cm x 203 cm x 32 cm


*Bed Base and Headboard available separately

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