Ilumi 3000 Wireless Remote Adjustable Bed

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Adjustable Bed with wireless remote and very simple, easy to use functions to elevate the head and leg area either individually or simultaneously. Available in Extra Long Single, King Single, Double, Queen or Split King systems.

Choose from a 100% Natural latex mattress in either medium, firm or extra firm density for superior body contouring and comfort.

Natural Latex comes from the Latex vessels under the bark of the ‘Hevea Brasiliensis’ rubber tree. This natural milk protects rubber trees against infection, fungus and bacteria. When Latex is processed it still maintains these amazing qualities.

Being natural, hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, 100% Natural Latex mattresses are perfect for asthmatics, children and anyone looking for a healthier better sleeping environment.

Renowned for its natural qualities, latex contains a natural elasticity that allows it to bounce back to its original shape every time.

The ‘push back’ feel that you get from a natural latex mattress provides soothing cushioned support while enhancing correct spinal alignment. Our mattresses are carefully selected for optimal support of back, hip and shoulders, whilst cushioning painful joints and muscles.

Combine a Natural latex mattress with the Ilumi 3000 adjustable bed and allow yourself to take control of how comfortable you are in bed.  Use the wireless remote to manually choose your sleeping position to make you more comfortable and to relieve pressure on aching muscles and painful joints.  Whether you are recovering from illness or injury, or simply looking for the best nights sleep your body can get.

Use the Ilumi 3000 adjustable bed to elevate your head and legs and instantly relieve pressure on your hips and lower back.  Helps with painful arthritis, poor circulation and reflux.  Can assist with respiratory conditions, allows improved breathing and helps to reduces snoring.

Upgrade to the Ilumi 3000 electronic adjustable bed and experience the level of sleeping comfort that simply cannot be achieved in a standard fixed bed base.

King size models have dual operating bases and mattresses allowing one partner to sit up in comfort and read in bed while the other partner sleeps flat.

Easy to operate wireless remote with 6 button movement – Head Up, Head Down, Leg Up, Leg Down, Head & Leg Up and Head & Leg Down.

Features include:

  • Wireless Remote
  • Electronic Head & Leg Raise
  • Easy to use functions on remote
  • 10 year Warranty on Bed Base
  • 10 Year Mattress Warranty
  • 200kg Capacity Each Side
  • Premium Paint Finish
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Double, Extra Long Single, King – Dual Mattresses, King Single, Queen – Queen Mattress

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