Natural Latex and Synthetic Rubber

What’s the difference between Natural Latex and Synthetic Rubber?

The differences between Natural Latex and Synthetic Rubber are considerable.  Quite simply, Natural Latex is natural and synthetic rubber is made with petrochemicals.

At The Back and Neck Bed Shop we have a clear philosophy regarding synthetic rubber “We don’t and won’t purchase synthetic latex.”

Does Latex have a smell?

Great question!  The best way to tell the quality of latex is to stick your nose into the latex.  Take a sniff and premium latex should smell almost odourless with maybe a vanilla or a mild milky scent – very pleasant – very natural.  Inferior quality latex smells like chemicals so you won’t need to give it the sniff test!  Remember it’s a natural product, it is packaged, stored in a container in the tropics and sent around the world.  When you first open your product, you may notice a mild odour.  If you do this will disappear in a couple of days.

Does Natural Tropical Latex have harmful chemicals in it?

The short answer is no.  Our latex is considered non-toxic and environmentally safe which also makes it the perfect bedding material for those wanting to sleep on a natural product.  Our suppliers obtain international certification of the purity and durability of their product.  You can sleep soundly knowing you’re sleeping on an environmentally friendly natural product.

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