Our Certified Organic Latex mattresses are made from the precious milk of the Hevea Brasiliensis tree in Sri Lanka and are subject to plantation availability. This precious milk is the put through the ‘dunlop’ process. Our latex mattresses being made from certified organic latex means it does not contain any chemicals, synthetics, pesticides, herbicides or other man made products.

The Back and Neck Bed Shop uses 100% pure organic latex rubber in all organic mattress.

Our specially chosen & designed mattresses incorporate special features including:

  • 100% internal cotton cover promoting a cooler sleeping environment and longer life
  • An orthopedically designed pressure relieving cushioning layer for improved circulation
  • Organic Latex mattresses are fully reversible meaning you can turn them over and effectively double the life of your mattress
  • A purpose made low profile quilted cover for an improved sleeping environment.
  • Removable mattress covers for dry cleaning or replacing allowing you to sleep on a clean, healthy mattress, not having to share your bed with years of exposure to dust, pollen and bugs


  • Hypo-allergenic & dust mite intolerant
  • Exceptional comfort for rejuvenating deep restful sleep
  • Eases joint pain with firm sumptuous support
  • Sag resistant
  • Maintains shape for years
  • Choice of densities for every need
  • Minimises partner disturbance
  • Guaranteed premium quality


  • Organic mattresses are 20cm deep
  • Choose from soft, medium, firm or extra firm
  • Premium quilted low profile outer cover for a cool sleeping environment
  • 100% cotton inner cover for healthy sleeping environment
  • Shaped to size
  • Hygienic removable covers
  • Choice of single to king size
  • 10 year guarantee

Organic latex products are subject to plantation availability. Contact us on 1300 349 771 or email us here for further details