The Ultimate Luxury Latex Mattress – The Dream Kingdom Phantom


The Dream Kingdom Phantom is the ultimate in luxury Latex mattresses available exclusively at The Back and Neck Bed Shop Perth.

Getha, the worlds most prestigious natural latex mattress manufacturer has taken the challenge to produce, what it feels is the best purely latex mattress in the world. A big statement, yes, however on inspection it’s a statement that’s hard to argue with.

Welcome to the hand made to order, Dream Kingdom Mattress. In collaborations with world claimed artisan designer George Mantzis, Getha has constructed a mattress that is literally designed for royalty.

Skilled artisans spend at least 14 days and over 300 hours to manually thread, sew and assemble The Dream Kingdom Phantom.

Lets look at the construction. Sourced from the purest of quality natural latex, free of CFC’s and other chemical contaminants; you are assured you’ll sleep in a healthy environment, free of off gassing associated with standard PU bed foams. As latex is naturally protein based, latex repels insects, meaning they wont call this mattress home. Now that’s worth thinking about.

Combine the natural wonders of a latex foam mattress with French wood, premium velour, gold plated hardware and Italian Mastrotto leather and The Dream Kingdom is born.

Opulent, magnificent, unparalleled, exquisite are some of the words used to describe The Dream Kingdom, its easy to see why this mattress is so popular with the most discerning of clients.

Besides the level of appointment, the original mission for The Dream Kingdom was to be durable, luxurious, comfortable and supremely supportive – a mattress that wont let you down.

Available in the King Size, The Dream Kingdom provides a ‘classic comfort feel’ with the firm feel for added spinal support.

If you are in the market for a new mattress and looking for a bed truly special in every detail, it would be a good idea to try this mattress, experiencing the difference this mattress can make and the reasons for its popularity.

Click here for further information or we welcome you to call directly to our General Manager – Kane on 08 6161 4123.


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