Transform your bed with one of our exceptionally comfortable 100% natural latex toppers that sit on top of your existing bed and will immediately soften a hard mattress for a better nights sleep. Carefully selected for optimal support of back, hip and shoulders, whilst cushioning painful joints and muscles.


Research indicates that up to 50% of the population doesn’t sleep well. Physicians give out millions of prescriptions for sleep disorders every year. Research reveals the wrong mattress can affect your health and also lead’s to tossing and turning up to 80 times a night! Medical experts agree a better night’s sleep improves health and leads to a longer life span. People often put up with a mattress because they don’t know what to do to get a better sleep and don’t want to spend money on a new mattress.

There is an answer!

You can now instantly transform the whole feel of your existing mattress at a FRACTION OF THE PRICE of buying a new mattress

Choose one of our incredibly comfortable natural latex mattress overlays for wonderfully deep restful sleep. The soft ‘push back’ feel provides soothing cushioned support while enhancing correct spinal alignment. New pinhole technology ensures increased ventilation and subsequently leads to a cooler, healthier sleeping environment.

If your mattress is affecting your sleep, we can help.  Visit our showroom and feel the difference a mattress overlay can make.


You will never look back.


We have the mattress topper (mattress pad, mattress overlay) you’ve been looking for.

Our 100% natural latex mattress topper
For comfort, cushioning and support

  • A 5cm (50mm) D70 medium density latex overlay. Is for those looking for an increased level of luxurious softness and cushioning.


If within 30 days of purchasing your topper from us you feel you would like to upgrade to one of our 100% purely natural latex mattresses we will take 50% off the cost of your topper from the price of your mattress purchase.


Choose one of our latex mattress toppers and relax knowing

you can now sleep on a clean, healthy surface – minus all that accumulates over the years.



  • Saves the cost of a new mattress
  • Rejuvenates tired mattresses
  • Enhances the spines natural curves
  • Supports and protects aching joints
  • Immediate softening of the hardest mattresses
  • Refreshes caravan & spare room mattresses
  • Improves circulation and reduces pressure points
  • Highly durable, lasting years
  • Instant relief of back, hip and shoulder pain by cushioning joints


  • 5cm thickness
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Sag resistant
  • Shaped to size for your needs
  • Specifically chosen density for added comfort and the right amount of support
  • 100% cotton cover for a healthier, cooler sleeping environment
  • Eco – sensitive manufacture and design, featuring ‘pin hole’ technology for a cooler, more comfortable night’s sleep
  • Naturally fire retardant
  • Naturally dust mite resistant
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Common Questions asked about our mattress overlays;

Can I use an electric blanket on a latex overlay?

Yes you can. Place your electric blanket on your overlay and make your bed as you usually would.  An electric blanket should not be used on a memory foam topper.

Should I use a mattress protector?

We recommend the use of a cotton mattress protector as it protects your overlay and will extend the life of your product.

How can I clean my overlay?

Most of our overlays come with a removable 100% cotton stretch jersey cover. Simply remove the overlay from its cotton cover and gently dab it with a damp cloth. Squeeze the water out of the overlay like you would with a sponge. Use a towel and press excess fluid out of the overlay. DO NOT dry your overlay in the direct sunlight. Instead, place the latex in a shaded area. If your overlay has been affected by dust (caravan/camping uses) you may vacuum your overlay.

Some of our
clients comments

“I love the latex topper!  I’ve had it over 2 years and it still maintains its shape.  I’m definitely seeing my Chiropractor less so it’s actually saving me money.  The orthopaedic mattress just wasn’t enough”
-G Piuselli

“I started with a latex pillow and it convinced me I needed a latex overlay for my bed. I haven’t looked back. I’m sleeping heaps better and have less hip pain. It has really changed my hips”
– J.Perry.

“The prices are great, the quality is terrific and you couldn’t ask for better service or advice. The overlay is so comfortable; I’m going to make sure the whole family has latex overlays”
– R. Simpson.

“I purchased an overlay about 5 months ago. Have to say it is one of the best investments I made. I was waking up with horrible shoulder and neck pain this no longer happens. Yippee! It has also added great comfort to my mattress. I would highly recommend one”
– B Moorhead.

“I no longer wake up with shoulder pain. I roll over, no pain. Comfortable all over. Great mattress, at great price. Doesn’t sag in the middle”
– P. Newton.