How to set up your Electronic Adjustable Bed

Our Electronic Adjustable Beds Range of Motion.

Our electronic adjustable beds are so popular because they all have the capability to move in over 1000 different ways giving uses the ability to create a perfectly comfortable nights rest.


  • *Electronic head and leg raise
  • *Upto 4 whisper silent motors
  • *240kg capacity
  • *Wireless remote(s)
  • *USB connectivity
  • *Massage modes for circulation and muscular relaxation
  • *5 year warranty on bed and remote
  • *10 year mattress warranty
  • *European design

See our Electronic Adjustable Beds amazing range of motion in the Youtube video below.

How to set up your Electronic Adjustable Bed

Are you a country or interstate customer who is thinking about buying one of our electronic adjustable beds?

The very thought of setting it up can be very daunting, however by watching our “How to set up your Electronic Adjustable Bed” Youtube video you will see how easy it is to set up when you have it in your own home. Every Electronic Adjustable Bed comes with it’s own how to manual along with all of the parts you will need to complete the process. Don’t worry,  if you still have questions after viewing this video please do not hesitate to call us, we can help answer any other questions you may have.