FAQs – Information everyone should know about buying a good mattress

What is the real cost of your mattress and what’s a good return on your investment?

Buying a good mattress in Perth

  • When you look at a mattress purchase, you should consider the average cost per night (CPN) analysis. A $500 mattress that looks good today, may last only 3 months before it starts to sag. The cheap mattress ends up costing you 68 cents per night (CPN) based on two years of use. A $1500 mattress that lasts you 10 years will end up costing you 40 cents per night. A $2000 premium latex mattress that can last up to 20 years, only costs you about 27 cents per night. Or 13.5 cents per person, per night. Using this analogy is easy to establish a relative value.
  • Our long lasting quality mattresses are up to 3 times more durable than your average spring mattress.If it sounds too good to be true… A competitor advertised a queen pillow top latex mattress, marked down from $1499 to $499!!! With approximately $45.00 being GST – how could that mattress possibly last? Real latex is expensive, you really do get what you pay for.

“Bargain Bedding”

  • Bargain bedding is no bargain when it comes to getting a good nights’ sleep. Cheap is always more expensive in the long run.
  • We guarantee Peace of Mind and the reassurance that you’re getting the quality you pay for!
    With our mattresses you can remove the cover and see the latex you have purchased – making sure it matches exactly what you’ve paid for. It also allows for cleaning and a healthier sleeping environment – keeping your mattress dust & dust mite free.

Remember – “Price is what you pay, value is what you get”

Latex MattressMusic to the ears…

  • Retailers may not admit it – all mattresses are subject to developing ‘wear patterns’ or ‘impressions’. To reduce the repetitive load on your mattress, rotate every 3 months and consider turning twice a year. Some retailers will say what you want to hear to sell you anything, buyer beware! If it doesn’t make common sense then think twice.
  • Premium latex is renowned for lasting longer than conventional mattresses. As with all high end quality products, it’s always wise to treat your mattress with respect and help it perform as intended.

The Bottom Line

When purchasing your latex mattress;

  • Ask to see a cross section of the latex ‘core’. It should be proudly on display, with NO layers of foam or other fillers
  • Ask for proof that it is 100% Latex
  • Ask whether it is certified to international standards, LGA and ECOA reputable retailer will proudly show you that their product is what they say
  • When you’re told the mattress is 100% Latex, ask if it contains springs or other non-latex products
  • If told the mattress is Latex throughout, check that layers of foam are not sandwiched between the latex
  • If your supplier is not willing to ‘sign off’ on the above, tread carefully. If you’re told that a latex mattress (in Queen or King size) is more than 20cm thick and only contains latex – ask how heavy it is and how many people are needed to lift it. If the answer is two people, ask questions. Latex is extremely heavy and difficult to move – however it is easy to make the bed as the corners lift easily due to the mattress containing no springs and not being rigid like a box.
  • Regular Foam Mattresses
  • Are they safe? Consider Googling subject fields such as; “fire retardants and off gassing in mattresses”
  • I hope the above helps with your decisions.

Questions to ask to make sure you get what you pay for…

Q: Is the inside of the mattress purely natural latex? Many ‘latex’ mattresses contain foam layers, springs and wool with many latex mattresses containing only a thin 3cm top layer of latex.
A: Our bedding is made purely from latex, top to bottom – when purchasing we will happily sign off on the fact that your mattress is as described. You can rest assured getting what you paid for.

Q: Is there a sample on hand to view? All retailers should be able to proudly show you their samples.
A: We do – you can view the quality of latex itself, the 100% internal cotton cover and the outer cover.

Q: When I get a price over the phone, do all latex mattresses contain the same amount and quality of latex?
A:Beware! Cheap quotes are easy to give for an inferior product. Is it natural ‘dunlop’ latex? Is it latex throughout? Is it 10, 20, 30 cm thick? What quality cover does the mattress have? Got the idea.

Q: Why purchase from us?
A: Value, quality, range, personalised service and professional knowledge. As a family run business great pride is taken in sourcing only the best quality and widest selection. We guarantee our product is internationally certified to the highest of standards.

We pride ourselves on our product knowledge and ability to totally customise to your requirements – Whether you need super soft or extra firm we have what you need.

Our hugely popular King and Queen dual core mattresses allow each person to sleep on the density that’s right for them; providing the environment for a great nights sleep.

With almost a decade’s experience in bedding and over 30 years of customer service we are here to provide truly personalised service, not only meeting, but beating your expectations.

We stand by our product, our warranties and guarantees.

Q: Do latex mattresses come in different thicknesses?
A: Yes. Traditionally latex mattresses are 15cm (6’’) with a single solid ‘core’. Our mattresses are mainly 20cm or 25cm, which makes them infinitely more comfortable due to the inbuilt comfort layer.

Q: Can I use an electric blanket?
A: Yes! Simply place the electric blanket over your mattress protector.

Q: Do latex mattresses come in different densities?
A: Yes, you should be able to choose from an extensive range of latex mattresses ranging from super plush to extra extra firm.

Q: How do I clean my mattress?
A: It’s Easy! A very unique feature of our mattresses enables the covers to be easily cleaned and maintained. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove any dust or even take the mattress cover to the dry cleaners!… If all else fails, we always have replacement covers.

Q: Which of your mattresses is right for me?
A: A tricky question. What feels good in a showroom and what is good for you, is not always the same. We truly specialise in helping you select the right mattress to meet your needs. As experts in the field, let us customise your mattress like no one else can.
From the softest soft through to the extra extra firm, our mattresses incorporate a special comfort layer for unbeatable full body cushioning and comfort.

Q: What about allergies and dust mites?
A: Natural latex mattresses are a favourite with allergy sufferers as latex is hypo-allergenic. Being 100% Latex, our mattresses naturally repel dust mites. This is achieved with the natural compounds in the latex. You can rest assured, you’ll have a healthy night’s sleep.

Q: Does a latex mattress need turning or flipping?
A: We recommend that every six months you rotate and flip your mattress, like rotating tyres on a car.

Q: How long can I expect a latex mattress to last?
A: Latex mattresses are known for their durability. Generally the bedding industry recommends changing mattresses every 8 to 10 years. Many owners of latex mattresses say their mattresses last 20 years or more!
Tip! – To prolong the life of your latex mattress, use a mattress protector and wash it regularly.

Q: Is there a guarantee?
A: Yes we offer a 10 year pro-rata guarantee on all latex mattresses.

Q: Are pure natural latex mattresses available in different styles?
A: Yes. Both traditional ‘Box’ and ‘Pillowtop’ styles should be available to try as each style has its own distinct feel.

Q: Why choose one of our mattresses?
We really know our product
We won’t ‘sell’ you a product which we feel doesn’t suit your needs
We offer dual core mattress inserts, allowing each person different densities in king and queen
With professionally trained staff, we will help you choose the right mattress to meet your needs

Q: What about your prices and quality?
A: We made a decision when The Back and Neck Company started, to build quality in to our bedding and offer the best value, rather than build to a price and forgo quality.

Q: Do I need a latex pillow with a latex mattress?
A: When purchasing a bed a pillow shouldn’t be an afterthought, there is nothing better than knowing that you have matched your pillow to your mattress. Remember, the firmer the mattress the higher you will lie on the mattress and that will effect what thickness of pillow you choose. Of course the softer the mattress, the lower you will be.

Types of Latex Mattresses

The choices:

  • 100% synthetic: made entirely from man-made product – can be called 100% latex. An economical choice for bedding manufactures.
  • Synthetic blend: usually 30% to 70% Natural blended with man-made latex.
  • 100% Natural: The purest form of latex – Naturally derived. Its legendary qualities as a bedding material are renowned.
  • Talalay: Type of latex manufacture involving freezing and vulcanisation. Talalay latex can be 100% natural or a synthetic blend. It is a manufacturing process; Not a guarantee of natural latex.
  • Dunlop: The process not associated with the Dunlop brand/company. A cost effective eco-friendly form of production. Generally considered the cleanest and purest form of manufacture.