Compass Luxury mattress

The COMPASS Luxury series mattress by GETHÁ, has been designed to help provide a solution to Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) pollution and it’s now available in Australia.

Scientific evidence has shown that EMF radiation affects sleep negatively and long periods of exposure to EMF radiation can be dangerous to our health as it can weaken our immune system, leading to an array of various health problems.

EMF are everywhere in the environment. The body has an inbuilt immune system from light EMF exposure, however, when we are asleep, we are terribly vulnerable to EMF pollution. As the body rests, a biological regeneration process takes place and this process can be disrupted by EMF radiation which in turn limits the human DNA regeneration capacity. Most people do not realise that their choice of mattress can directly impact their health and safety. As we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping on a mattress, it is vital that we make the right choice and protect our safety and health during sleep.

GETHÁ’s Biocare electromagnetic shield provides a magnetic barrier with nano technology yarns incorporated into the construction of the mattress to help protect against electromagnetic radiation for a healthier quality sleep.

The Compass Luxury mattress can:

  • Help to protect your body from electromagnetic radiation during sleep
  • Help to reduce static electricity
  • Help to regulate the body’s bio-rhythm
  • Help to promote an excellent quality of sleep

Visit our showrooms in Booragoon and Osborne Park and try the GETHÁ Compass Luxury latex mattress and sleep knowing you are reducing your exposure to EMF pollution.

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