Why we need a better nights sleep

Without a good nights sleep we’ve all experienced how it affects how we feel and function – or more to the point don’t function.  Sleep deprivation affects our entire lives – our work, our social interactions, how we parent and how we treat both ourselves and those who surround us that we love and cherish.

Lets have a quick look at why its important to have the right mattress that allows our body to physically relax and ‘heal’ while in a state of deep, restful sleep.

  • Emotional Wellness: when we experience a restful nights sleep its easier to feel refreshed and better able to control our emotions. Lets face it we all want to be liked and to like ourselves!
  • Our brains need sleep to work: When we sleep our brains process the previous days events and ‘files’ information, similar to de-frag a computer or zip file on an apple computer.  Regulation of chemical balances also occurs ensuring the brain is ready to process and function for another day.  Quality sleep helps the brain think more clearly and remember more.
  • Hormonal balance: Sleep is essential for correct function of glands of the body, including our pituitary, thyroid and adrenal glands. Insulin levels and blood sugar levels are also regulated while we sleep – better sleep, better health.
  • Physical Health: With the right amount and quality of sleep the risk of obesity, heart disease, heart attack, high blood pressure and stroke are also decreased. Electrolyte and fluid levels are re-programmed and regulated, along with enhancement of the immune system which aid in both the ability to avoid and fight infection.

At The Back and Neck Bed Shop our entire range of mattresses are chosen to help your experience the best nights sleep EVER!

The Back and Neck Bed Shop is all about caring for your body while you sleep.

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