Aprico – Richard Pieris Natural Foams Ltd.

Located in the Industrial Processing Zone in Biyagama, Sri Lanka, the Arpico company shares the ownership among Richard Pieris Exports Plc, Kegalle Plantations Plc and Richard Pieris & Co Plc. This ownership has enabled a unique and a vital supply chain integration for Richard Pieris Natural Foams Limited to manufacture the best latex foam products in the world including natural latex foam mattresses, toppers and pillows.

Since the production of the first mattress in 1952, Richard Pieris Natural Foams Limited (RPNF) has taken vast strides through continuous research and development in the natural foam rubber technology. High quality 100% natural latex manufactured by Arpico under Kegalle Plantations Plc is our strength which is exhausted in manufacturing the purest all natural latex mattresses certified by globally recognized certifying bodies for ECO LGA, Oeko Tex, STROKE, ABC and SATRA.

The production prowess of Richard Pieris Natural Foams Limited has created a world market for our natural latex, enabling RPNF to emerge the global leader in 100% pure natural latex manufacturing. Today the versatile production capabilities of RPNF meet the demands of over 22 countries world wide.

To manufacture one ‘queen size’ natural latex mattress, it requires a daily collection of latex from over 2000 rubber trees. This alone speaks for the extent of rubber plantations required to meet container loads of mattresses for the global markets. Producing quality latex mattresses has been a challenge for many manufacturers around the world, owing to their lack of access to superior quality latex sap. Richard Pieris Natural Foams Ltd, source all their raw latex from their own FSC certified Kegalle Plantations which produces the best natural latex in the world and they are recognized as the largest and the best natural rubber manufacturer in the country.

All our latex is configured at our own centrifuge plant housed on the plantations.

The close proximity in location of the plant to the factory ensures freshness of the latex.

Experience in the Dunlop process fused with fresh and best quality latex obtained from our own plantations gives us the edge in the market to manufacture the best structured latex blocks and sheets. Deploying high quality cutting edge machinery, RPNF has emerged as the most proffered supplier to leading 100% natural mattress brands around the world.

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